I support you.

I don’t usually share “tales from the bar” but I think this one is important for me to tell.

Last week, I shut a gentleman off not because he was drunk, but because everything in my being told me not to serve him another drink.

A man who was obviously upset, comes into the bar and orders a drink, then orders another. I went up to him and started a conversation to see if he wanted to talk. He told me the story of how he was staying at the hotel next door because his wife had kicked him out. He talked to me for a while and I listened. After some time he looked at me dead in the eyes and said, “Don’t you want to know why she kicked me out?” I said yes, but only if he wanted to tell me. He looked down at his vodka and said, “because of this.” He told me how he’s had a problem for over ten years and tomorrow he was going into treatment; he was going to fix his life. He then ordered another vodka.

I brought him his vodka and told him this was the last drink I was going to serve him. He questioned my reasons and I told him that in good conscience I could not give him another drink. He started to cry and his words will forever stick in my head, “Thank you for doing what no one else would.” He finished his drink, and thanked me again saying that I wouldn’t see him again, but that he would always remember me.

I share this story because I love you all. It’s no secret that beer and liquor are a big part of my life but that doesn’t blind me to the risks and dangers that are the reality concerning abuse of these substances. I support all my friends and can do so without a drink. If you are in recovery, wanting to stop drinking, whatever your case may me, I am here for you, and support you. I’m always just a message or text away. xo